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[16/07/2014] Jeanneau SUNFAST 36 1995:

Inf.: t. 654 87 35 16 | Imp.: 66.000.00€ | Port Olímpic BCN

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[23/01/2014] Bilge Pumps RULE4000 - MATERIAL OUTLET:

Bilge Pumps RULE4000, made of high strength plastic, sealed and waterproof motor.
Flow: 15,140 l/h.
Check out: 51 mm 12 V.
Consumption: 15,5 A/h.

PRICE 140 €

[23/01/2014] Bilge Filter - MATERIAL OUTLET:

Filter plastic bilge check valve.
PRICE 12 €

Filter bronze bilge.
PRICE 15 €

[23/01/2014] Light range:

Light scope, plastic housing and stainless steel.
12V 25W bulb.

PRICE 50 €

[23/01/2014] Grand Soleil 37 B&C 2005:

A fully equipped cruiser and regatta for only: 105.000 € + TAX

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[23/01/2014] Sewage tank for RM69 - MATERIAL OUTLET:

This deposit is perfectly suited to your WC RM69.
It has a capacity of 25l. Supplied without connections.

PRICE 95 €

[23/01/2014] Tricolor light post cap:

Light butt Tricolor post.
Navigation, green-red and funding.
12V 25W bulb.

PRICE 100 €

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